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About me

My name is Dongxin Tian (      tián      dōng      xīn ).
I'm also known as Kakitsubata丿 or Kakitsubata7.

I'm currently an undergraduate Senior student at Indiana University majoring in Computer Science💻 with a specialization in Game Development🎮. I'm also pursuing a minor in Game Design🕹️.

I'm also a part-time game developer, and I'm working on several game projects now. One of the main games I'm currently working on is called Touhou Shinshuuyume (東方新洲夢), and I'm working on it with a team, or more specifically, a doujin circle. The name of our circle is Void Explorers (虚空旅行团). If you would like to know more about Touhou Shinshuuyume and Void Explorers, you can click the highlighted names to go to the specific pages.

I'm also working on other projects besides games. For example, I'm developing a dynamic-typed multi-paradigm scripting language called Spark🌟 with C++ 17. In addition, I have also been working on a couple projects regarding artificial intelligence, etc.

Here is a list of my projects🗃️ if you are interested in any of them.

My hobbies

I love to play pool ball🎱 and Snooker with my friends. Just recent years, I also developed my interest in swimming🏊‍.

Thank you for visiting!