Touhou Shinshuuyume

Touhou Shinshuuyume is a doujin game (fangame) of a Japanese series, Touhou Project. It’s a 2D bullet-hell game with 3D environments developing in Unity with C# and Lua.


A cross-platform virtual-machine-based dynamic-typed multi-paradigm scripting language developing in C++ 17.

Lua Embedment for Unity

A framework that integrates the Lua runtime into Unity. It provides a high-level managed wrapper for the Lua C API, allowing users to bind C# functions to Lua or invoke Lua functions from C# easily. It has a sandbox environment that prevents system calls and scripts loading from the file system.
(Some features are not yet pushed to the public repository, but will be in the future)


A platform-independent C++ wrapper library of the Vulkan graphics API. It has optional parts to allow the library to be used as a GUI framework or a game engine.
(Repository is currently private)


A minimal scripting language designed to be able to be executed inside Unity's job system. It's being developed as a part of Touhou Shinshuuyume, but will be open-source in the future.
(Repository is currently private)

2D Bullet-hell AI Players

Drafted a paper on the implementation and performance of reinforcement learning in bullet-hell games.
(The paper is accepted and waiting to be published)

Spaccanavi Unity Port

This project is a Unity port of Spaccanavi, which is a 2D bullet hell game developed by LuxeL in the Godot engine.